Give something back

Every year we try to find a nice project to sponsor.

This is how project do something back started.

We all work hard and how nice it is if you can give something back as a company, helping a sports association, a care institution

Everything is getting more and more expensive and so you can still make people happy with a small gesture.

In 2021 we sponsored Judo association Zuidland, lost all their training material we lost after a major fire.

A lot of children from the area train with them and moving is healthy!

So, we didn’t have to think twice about this to help this beautiful association.

For this year 2022 we have chosen Caryn Hart van Zuidland.

They have come to us because they like to make a special garden for their demented residents, and they really wanted a Xylophone and gong.

We certainly wanted to do this, and it is now in their beautiful garden.

The reactions of the people is priceless! That’s why it’s so important for us to do this.

We also hope to inspire other companies to do the same, what you get in return is worth that much more.

And this is how you help each other in difficult times